Guided tours and technique lessons

In addition to shop and rental, Sport Corner Ylläs provides technique lessons and guided tours.

We introduced guided ski touring trips in the Spring 2021. They became a huge success so we will keep on providing them also in this Winter. Please note we can only take a restricted number of participants for each tour so make sure to book in advance! Prior ski touring experience or own equipment is not mandatory. 


Try also XC skiing and trail running technique lessons!

Now you have the opportunity to take your cross-country skiing skills or trail running technique to the next level: Join one or more of the sessions and let our trained coach, Riikka, instruct you towards even smoother days on the tracks and trails. You can book your equipment here.

Welcome to trail run with us!

Join us to trail run every Tuesday at 18:00 starting on June 13th. Everyone can participate for free and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ylläs running with us!


You also have the opportunity to test Dynafit trail running shoes and vests and get a small discount on running products. Please note that there is a limited number of test shoes, so please always bring your own shoes with you for a run.


The duration of the run is about an hour, the routes and themes vary depending on the runners. Participating does not require previous trail running experience, you should be in good enough shape to be able to jog for an hour leisurely.

Ski Touring trips with an experienced guide

Join our experienced guide to enjoy the untouched snow fields of the pristine fells around the Ylläs area. Every tour is adjusted to the skills and wishes of each group so that everyone gets to enjoy skiing as well as the wonderful nature.


Every Tuesday and Thursday: Ski tours to one of the "home fells". Start at noon, 12:00, duration ca. 3 h. Min. 2 persons, max. 8. The price 125 €/person includes ski touring equipment, avalanche safety tools and guiding. 85 € in case you have equipment of your own.


Bike to Ski — hardly available anywhere else! We pack our ski touring equipment to a pulk and ride with E-fatbikes through the fells to the wilderness hut Kotamaja. After leaving the bikes there we've got fells Pyhätunturi and Lainio around us, just waiting to be climbed up and skied down. After a few sweet runs we have the chance to take a proper break at Kotamaja, where a hot bowl of soup or a coffee with a "munkki" is well deserved after the skiing! Duration ca. 5–6 h. Min 2 persons, max. 8. The price 225 €/person includes an E-fatbike, ski touring and avalanche safety equipment as well as guiding. 185 € in case you have equipment of your own (includes bike and guiding). The tour is only organized upon request and must be pre-booked.


In ski touring trips you can test the latest and the lightest equipment from Dynafit. In our rental we have skis 74-107 mm wide and boots 950-1450 g.


Both tours require intermediate downhill skiing skills, proper clothing depending on the weather, a warm, extra jacket, spare gloves and some water and snacks. In addition, make sure you have an insurance that covers backcountry skiing. For the ones with the skiing equipment of their own we rent avalanche safety equipment 50% off the list price. The tours are suitable for many experience levels, meaning prior ski touring / backcountry skiing experience is not needed. Please book your tour in advance so we can organize suitable groups for every one. 


Book your trip by e-mail vuokraamo@sportcorneryllas.fior call us +358207120460.

”Hi, I'm Riikka, whose heart beats for coaching. Endurance sports are my passion. I used to race in XC skiing, and still do a bit. Street marathons led me to trail running a good time ago. Combining these, today forests and fells are my home so it's quite likely you may run into me on the tracks and trails! As a coach I want to be easy to approach and I definitely want to offer my customers professional teaching and unforgettable experiences on the fabulous setting of Ylläs."

Technique sessions: XC skiing & Trail Running

XC Skiing, skating or classic

90   €/person, duration 75 min
110 €/person, duration 90 min

Trail Running Technique

30 €/person, duration 60 min

The better the technique the more enjoyable they days on the tracks and trails become. The content of each skiing and running lesson is based on the customers' needs and wishes. As the only way to learn is through repetition, we'll do a variety of suitable exercises. There are certain basic principles that apply to both skiing and running. We take teaching and learning seriously but it is equally important that we have a great time out there!

Experience Jogging

80 €/person (min. 2 persons), duration 2-3 hours, time agreed case by case. Join an unforgettable trail adventure! Depending on the level and wishes of the group we choose the destination — the couloir Pirunkuru or fell Kukas are always great choices but we can as well come up with something else. Wherever we go, all you need is to enjoy the surrounding nature and let the trail flow under your feet.


Bookings to all sessions no later than 24 h before the session per email or tel. +358 400 831 667.

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