Ski rental in Äkäslompolo

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Sport Corner Ylläs ski rental is at our shop in the centre of Äkäslompolo. We cater to all levels from beginners all the way to competitive athletes. 

You will also get ski boots and poles and other equipment you need from us.

We also regularly maintain our skis as part of our rental, so you can rest assured that our equipment is always in good shape and well-maintained. We have all the best ski and equipment brands in our range. Come and explore our wide range of skis and ski equipment!

Skis & brands

Skis and equipment available for rental:

  • Ski set basic

  • Ski set pro

  • Ski set junior

  • Fjellpulken ahkio sled for 1–2 children and expedition ahkio sled

Brands: Fischer, Rossignol, Salomon, Atomic.

All ski sets include skis, ski boots and poles. Our Pro set has better-performing skis and ski shoes than the ones in the basic set. We maintain the skis after each rental. If you require just the skis, ski boots or poles on their own, you can just rent the required items individually.

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Price list

Ski set BASIC

Ski set PROSki set JR


double sled

3 h


€30 €12 €17 €20 
4 h€28€38€15€20
1 day€30 €45 €18 €25 €30 
24 h€39 €58 €23 €33 €38 
2 days€47 €70 €28 €40 €45 
3 days€60 €85 €35 €50 €60 
4 days€73 €95 €42 €60 €70 
5 days€85 €105 €48 €70 €80 
6 days€95 €115 €53 €80 €90 
7 days€100 €125€58 €90 €100
  • Fischer-logo, suksivuokraus, Sport Corner Ylläs
  • Rossignol-logo, suksivuokraus, Sport Corner Ylläs
  • Atomic-logo, suksivuokraus, Sport Corner Ylläs
  • Salomon-logo, suksivuokraus, Sport Corner Ylläs