”Hi, I’m Riikka, whose heart beats for coaching. Endurance sports are my passion. I used to race in XC skiing, and still do a bit. Street marathons led me to trail running a good time ago. Combining these, today forests and fells are my home so it’s quite likely you may run into me on the tracks and trails! As a coach I want to be easy to approach and I definitely want to offer my customers professional teaching and unforgettable experiences on the fabulous setting of Ylläs.”

XC Skiing, skating or classic

90 €/person, duration 75 min
110 €/person, duration 90 min

Trail Running Technique

30 €/person, duration 60 min

The better the technique the more enjoyable they days on the tracks and trails become. The content of each skiing and running lesson is based on the customers’ needs and wishes. As the only way to learn is through repetition, we’ll do a variety of suitable exercises. There are certain basic principles that apply to both skiing and running. We take teaching and learning seriously but it is equally important that we have a great time out there!

Experience Jogging

80 €/person (min. 2 persons), duration 2-3 hours, time agreed case by case. Join an unforgettable trail adventure! Depending on the level and wishes of the group we choose the destination — the couloir Pirunkuru or fell Kukas are always great choices but we can as well come up with something else. Wherever we go, all you need is to enjoy the surrounding nature and let the trail flow under your feet.

Bookings to all sessions no later than 24 h before the session per email rthyvinvointipalvelut@gmail.com or tel. +358 400 831 667.